Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year's Resolution: No Changes, Please.

I resolve that a legacy of 37 years will endure and make its mark on 2008: no changes please! As I replaced my desktop image to the latest family picture today, I discovered a template which I am determined to use for my remaining New Year's Eve resolutions: a .jpg image of 3 generations of Shaffers.

My MAC can do amazing things, but its flat screen can't possibly do justice to what lies inside a loving father and husband of 37 years, two grown sons-successful in their careers and relationships, and two grandsons who will reap the rewards of this legacy, if we allow it to endure through their maturation.

Somethings cannot be changed for the better. I resolve to look back and linger in the best moments of parenting and marriage that will, I suspect, survive and transcend any misguided efforts at improvement.