Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Summoning Stone: the Second Generation

It seems appropriate that Book Two: Vision Caster of the Summoning Stone series would have a connection to generations. Indeed, fifty years after Danielle discovers the magic of the summoning stone, her grandchildren return to Hope via the transforming power of the same stone.

In creating the sequel to the first Summoning Stone book, Book One: the Prophecy, I began to see how people of all ages and stages discover the same timeless strategies for living a life that has meaning. In Book One: The Prophecy, Danielle and Kirk find the Tree of Truth and learn "...each person must choose his own destination and the paths that lead to it." In Book Two: Vision Caster, Gabrielle and Jeffrey begin the maturation process to adulthood when they learn to sacrifice their own personal interests to help others.

I believe whether you have spiked green hair, thinning gray hair, or perhaps no hair at all, you share a universal desire to live life in a meaningful way.