Thursday, January 24, 2008

Campaign Songs for Everyone

The recent discussion about the 2008 presidential candidates' selections for campaign songs makes me wonder if each of us might benefit from selecting a campaign song, so to speak, for our own lives: a song that would reflect our vision and speak to our values. It would be interesting to see if song choices divide out by generations. Could I find a title from the 21st century, or would I stick to the classic oldies? Would my kids go back to the Beatles or find a better fit with a song from a current artist? This discussion has the makings for a good party game.

And what if, like some candidates, we changed songs as our life circumstances changed? Would we be considered fickle or shallow for giving up on the values by which we hoped to be defined? Or even more interesting, would we be considered fickle or shallow for selecting new songs that reflect what others want us to be?

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